Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

The nature of Kawabata’s operations has a positive impact on the environment through the conservation of metals, plastic and other non-renewable resources and the proper management of used and end-of-life electronic equipment.  Consistent with these core operations, it is Kawabata’s overall goal to accomplish its business objectives while striving for an injury-free workplace, minimizing pollution, providing quality products to our customers and ensuring customer satisfaction.   Kawabata is committed to:

  • Continual improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • The prevention of pollution and prevention of injury and ill health.
  • Comply with applicable legal and other stakeholder requirements relative to the quality, environmental and health and safety aspects of our business.  
  • Providing a framework for setting and reviewing quality, environmental, health and safety goals.
  •  Manage used and end of life electronic equipment based on a reuse, refurbishment, recovery, disposal hierarchy including onsite and downstream materials management throughout the recycling chain. 
  • Manage Focus Materials throughout the recycling chain to final disposition with due diligence to protect our environment.
  •  Continuous improvement achieved through monitoring of goals and rigorous evaluation of our management system.
  • Communicating and reinforcing this policy throughout our company, to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization as well as, to our customers, our suppliers and to the public.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

General Manager

Kaz Kimura